The Surroundings

Saint PrivatSaint Privat is a small municipality made up of three little villages. There are no shops or restaurants here. The nearest bakery and postoffice are located at a 15 to 20 minute drive. Other stores, supermarkets, restaurants etc. are located in Lodève (at ca. 25-30 mins. drive) and in Clermont l'Hérault (at ca. 35 mins. drive).
Saint Privat is situated in the Hérault district of the Languedoc-Roussilon region on the edge of the coastal plain of the Mediterranean and the mountains of the chalky plateau (Les Causses) which merge in the north with the Cevennes and the Massif Central.

Lac du SalagouThe Hérault district is an area offering numerous possibilities. Along the Mediterranean coast there are long, sandy beaches and marinas. There are also lakes, such as the Lac de Salagou (12 km/7 mi) for surfing, swimming sailing and fishing. Rivers such as the Hérault, the Heric and the Tarn are good for for canoeing. The region is typified by hills, mountains and chalky plateaus. There are many historical sites, some of Greek or Roman origin, others dating from the time of the Templars; and in the direction of the Pyrenees from the time of the Cathars. Not to be forgotten are cities such as Montpellier, Nîmes, Béziers, Pézenas, Narbonne or Toulouse, every one with its very own historical and cultural background. Especially during the summertime there is a comprehensive and varied number of concerts, theater shows, summer festivals and other attractions.

MontpellierSaint Guilhem-le-Desert

MontpellierThe bustling markets are most certainly worth visiting each weekday in each village; the health resorts with their healing waters, abbeys, convents, museums, stables, golf courses and amusement parks also offer many diversions. And of course, you will find many pubs and restaurants.

One of the prettiest little villages is Saint Guilhem-le-Désert, with its brick Devil’s Bridge across the Hérault, situated at the centuries old pilgrims’ road leading to Santiago de Compostella.


GrotteWhat can you do?
The area is ideal for horseback riding or long walks. One of the bigger walking tours for example, the “Grand Randonnée 74” leading from Spain to Scandinavia, passes by the house at about 1 km . There is an extensive network of marked walking paths. The large reservoir “Lac du Salagou” which lies in the typical red earth of the hills is 12 km (7 mi) away. Its shores are still natural. It is a lovely place for fishing and, if the catch is less than expected, it is nonetheless a wonderful surprise to see the silvery fish leaping up out of the water. Furthermore there are rivers such as the Hérault, Héric or Tarn with impressive towering cliffs and old brick arched bridges, where you can canoe and also enjoy a nice picnic or laze away on secluded little beaches. And of course there is the coast of the Mediterranean with its beaches and marinas such as these of Agde and Sète.

WanderwegYou will doubtless find many pleasant hills amidst the rough mountains where craggy rocks lay as if they were scattered about by a giant’s hand and never cleaned up. Beneath the rocks there are many limestone caves. A visit of these caves is in itself a real adventure.

ReusOne of the nicest things and a perfect match to the surroundings may be just going for a drive, aimlessly and without much traffic, through picturesque villages and hamlets from view to view, from restaurant to pub, across pathways and tracks with a magnificent panorama, doing just as you please.