The Location

The Bergerie La Falaise has been named after the cliffs behind the house. The resort is reached via an unpaved and seldom used mountain path (ca 2.5 km/1.5 mi in length). It is a private 100 ha. estate in the “zone verte” (green zone), a national park. The path is unpaved, not made of concrete or asphalt and after the last thunderstorms and downpairs, there are lose pebbles and the road is rather bumpy. Therefore the path is not suitale for low-lying cars. The advantage is that there is almost no trafic. That makes it safe for children and pets.

The bushes and trees growing on the scene are holm oak, oaks and conifers typical of the region. The house lies sheltered in the central part of the valley in a gorgeous natural setting where you can enjoy a magnificent view from one of the many terraces.

As the Bergerie is located 520 - 570 m (1700 ft) above sea level, the temperature is moderate even in the summertime. Furthermore, the buildings were constructed to remain cool in the summertime and there are numerous shady spots outside such as under the 150-year old holm oak near the Pond House, or at the covered terrace in front of the Hillhouse.

200 m (630 ft) high cliffs rise in the north and north-west, about 100 m (100 yd) behind the house. In the south, southeast and southwest, the valley opens up, offering a magnificent view of the hills and plains in the direction of the Mediterranean (about 45 km/27 mi) and on clear days of the Pyrenees (about 150 km/90 mi).

There is no traffic noise; instead there is an unusual silence — the deep silence of nature, which can be experienced amongst a concerto of wind, chirping birds and the typical French cicada. During intermezzos of this concerto, one can hear the flapping of birds flying by.

In the garden you will find garden furniture and a barbecue enabling you to have a nice breakfast or lunch under the shady holm oak or plane trees. Plenty of comfortable reclining chairs are available for you to relax or enjoy a sunbath. The surrounding area seems to have been specifically created for this purpose.

The 5 x 12.50 m (16 x 41 ft) swimming pool has a depth of between 60 cm and 2 m (2 to 6 ft) deep and is part of a larger 350 m2 (3750 sq ft) pond.

In combination with other forms of life, the specially selected water and marsh plants make up an ecological system which ensures the swimming water remains clean and limpid.

Nothing or nobody will disturb you as you relax since there are, besides the owners, no neighbours. This enables you to do whatever you like the way you like. The nearest neighbours live 800 m (0.5 mi) away. There are practically no disturbances and the panorama is breathtaking.

For the children there is a swing, a sandbox and a children's pool in the garden.