Bergerie La Falaise

Blick nach NordwestenSitting on the edge of the pond, one can see the silvery lustre of the Mediterranean on one side and, when the sky is clear, even the snow-capped mountain tops of the Pyrenees. On the other side of the house rise 200 m (630 ft) high sheer and mainly forested cliffs tower over the valley. Occasionally one can hear the cries of the raptors which nest in the sheer cliffs. In a modern, hectic world, “La Falaise” offers, as its most exceptional attraction, peace, quiet and space.

It is a special place to stay and relax in a magnificent natural setting without traffic and other tourists.

Der SchwimmteichB ergerie La Falaise” is an ecological practical holiday resort of high quality where a friendly and specific atmosphere go hand in hand with a cosy design. In an area of 100 hectares (250 acres) of natural beauty and unspoiled countryside, and therefore completely apart from streets and neighbours, you are living alongside nearby and can commune with nature.

Our accomodation offers 2 holidayhouses; the Pondhouse and the Hillhouse. The natural swimming pool is next to the Bergerie.

All this is situated in the South of France, in the Hérault district in the mountains near the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can settle down for a lovely holiday, mainly inspired by peace, quiet and the beauty of nature. Clean water originates from our own source and our solr panels provide plenty of power.

One can therefore here spend their holidays in peace. For those who like to spend their holidays with friends or relatives but wants to celebrate independent holidays, it is ideal to rent together the two houses.

The Pond House and the Hill House can be rented as holiday homes. The Pond House is located 25 metres (25 yd) below the Bergerie. On a higher level, at a distance of about 50 metre (50 yd) from the Bergerie, you can find the Hill House. This is about 35 m. distance from the Hill House. Neither of the two holiday homes with their large gardens can be seen from the other renters.

Your pets are welcome as long as you keep them under control and they are not disturbing the other guests. Here they have the opportunity to run  around and play to their hearts content.

Der SchwimmteichThe swimming pool in the pond and the children's playground are available for use by guests of the two houses. Each house has its own parking space.

For those who wish to take the opportunity, it is possible to get bio-energetic (healing) treatments, soundhealing treatments and/or therapeutic counseling in the practice from Anneke Menger,