The Climate

OlivenbaumBergerie la Falaise is situated at the edge of the Mediterranean climatic region. Here, you find vineyards and olive trees, which indicates that the wintertime is normally mild. It freezes only occasionally and only for a short time, usually at night. The sun is strong also in the winter and dissipates the cold during the day. Snow is very unusual and when there is, it is usually only a few milimetres of powder. Winter daylight hours are almost double compared to Great Britain. Even bigger is the multiplicity of radiant heat.

As the Bergerie is located at an altitude of 520 m (1600ft) above sea level, even summer nights can be cool. During the warm months of July and August, fluctuations of atmospheric pressure caused by strong sunlight often results in a gentle breeze. In the shade, especially in the naturally humid shade of the trees, the climate remains very comfortable.

Extreme or oppressive heat is very rare and occurs only if the warm southerly wind (Marrin) coming from the Sahara has absorbed humidity over the Mediterranean and clouds are just forming over the first mountains. The well-known northerly wind “Mistral”, also known as the Tramontagne, comes from the northwest in this area, bringing clear, cool and sunny weather.

Van GoghBrilliant colours are typical in this climate — a factor which attracted many famous painters to the region such as Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne and Paul Signac — as well as a wide variety of views and rapid weather change. On clear days around Christmas for example, it frequently occurs that you can enjoy your lunch outside on the terrace after a night during which it has almost frozen.

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